Printer Service & Repair:

In recent years, printers have not only gained popularity among small, medium and large corporations but they have become a staple in any home setting as well. There are multiple tasks domestically and at work that relies heavily on the smooth functioning of a printer. In such a time if you ever face printer problems, we can always take care of them for you. This includes installing the latest drivers for your printers.

We, at Rapid Onsite, have an entire team of certified and seasoned professionals who will make sure your printer is taken care of and that the printer setup is properly organized.

Printer solution:

We will send our technicians to your location that will be more than prepared to carefully repair your printer. They will also be more than happy to arrange and install a wifi printer for you. Most of the tasks that comprise of repairing printers such as installing drivers for printers can be done on-site in order to ensure the least amount of hindrance to your daily usage. However, in some cases, there is the need to carry these printers to our stores.

Support & Services:

Here, at Rapid Onsite, we offer support and services related to the following issues:

Not Printing:

This error occurs mostly when the printer connected to the PC i.e. USB or Ethernet cable is damaged. In the case of a Wi-Fi model, it is worth checking whether the device’s Wi-Fi mode is enabled. There are instances when this might be due to an outdated driver being installed, in which case our technician will simply install a driver for the printer.

Low-ink error:

Your printer’s cartridges need to be replaced when you notice blank prints or slightly monochrome prints which are signs that the printer has run out of ink. If you just installed a new cartridge and the ink keeps running out then there might be a problem with the printer setup. Our technician will take care of that if that is the case.

Wifi print taking long:

If the Wi-Fi print is taking too long, it might be because the router is not good enough or the firmware might be outdated. In this case, our technician will install the latest Wi-Fi printer at your location.

Paper Jam issue:

The issue of papers jamming in your printer would indicate that there is a flaw in your printer setup. Our technicians will fix that right up so you can get back to printing.

Bad Quality Print:

This is probably because of an error in print settings or an outdated driver. Our technicians will install a driver for the printer if necessary and also make the necessary changes in the print settings.


Quick reference – types of issues that might occur and we can resolve

  • Printer Communication Errors.
  • Set up Scanner & Fax Machines.
  • Firmware & updates for Printer.
  • Wireless Printer Configuration.
  • Resolving Driver Related Issues.
  • Fixing the Printer Spooler Error.
  • Fix print head & Cartridge error.
  • Fixing paper jam & related error.
  • Printer Out-of-memory error on startup.
  • Printer Alignment & Print Quality issues.

Printer Repair & Installation Services

Printers have become an essential part of people’s lives, not just in offices but in homes as well. These are delicate devices that can break down with improper usage. Setting up a printer is also more difficult than it looks. If your printer is set up incorrectly by an inexperienced person, it is more likely to break down sooner.

GPD provides fast and cost-effective services for printer repair, installation and setup. Depending on your needs, we provide full maintenance services that cover the costs of parts, toner and labor.

Quick and On-site Printer Repair

HP Design Jet plotter and Laser Jet printer are two of the most popular brands, and we provide complete repair services for these models. Our qualified technicians are also experienced in solving problems for other printer models including Canon, Epson, Dell and Xerox.

Our services are available for both home and office printer repairs. Every call for repair is treated as an emergency and our specialist will get to your premises as quickly as possible.

All of our servicing professionals carry the complete set of tools required for fixing printers. They will examine your printer to identify the fault and provide a quote for repair. If there is a fault with a component, they will also guide you on the replacement cost.

We can get your printers back into working order in no time.

Customer Satisfaction

Our servicing business is focused on building long-term relationships with our customers. We are a small business and heavily rely on customer referrals to get more orders.

Happy and satisfied customers are not just a marketing gimmick for us, but absolutely vital for the success and growth of our business.

This is why we make sure that our customers are 100% happy and satisfied with our repair and printer set up service. We encourage our customers to provide feedback, comments and suggestions that help us improve and provide a great service.

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Certified Printer Technicians at Your Doorstep

All of our technicians are qualified and trained in printer repair and installation. We regularly run refresher courses that help our specialists stay up-to-date with the latest printer models and network setup.

We also understand that it can be annoying when your printer breaks down and you have to wait hours just to get a few documents printed. When you call us for our services, our technicians will inform you about the time it would take for them to get to your location. Our professionals will always try to get your premises on time and help you get the problem fixed as quickly as possible.

Printer Setup

Setting up the printer server can be tricky when a complex office network is involved. You will need to set up the server as well as connect all the client computers with access to the printer.

Some printer models come with additional functionality such as faxing, built-in scanner and photo copier. This can be difficult to set up properly unless you have a skilled IT expert on your team.

GPD can help you set up all types of printer models with ease for your office and home network.

Installation of Wi-Fi Printer

Wi-Fi printers allow better access and placement options for businesses. However, adjusting the router settings requires technical expertise. All the client computers would also need to be set to the correct frequencies. You would also need to make sure that the firmware is up to date.

Our professional team can help set up and configure the Wi-Fi printer quickly and effortlessly.

Install Driver for Printer

Device drivers are special programs that help your operating system run all the connected devices. The software gets updated frequently by the manufacturer to improve device functionality and correct any problems that come up from time to time.

GPD technicians can help improve the performance for your printers, copiers and fax machines by updating the drivers and keeping your peripheral devices up to date.

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